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A delegation led by Mayor Jia Sheng of Yangzhong City visited Green Energy Power
Oct.24.19 On February 24, a delegation led by Jia Sheng, Mayor of Yangzhong City, Lin Chengchun, Vice Mayor of Yangzhong City, and leaders of relevant departments visited Jiangsu Green Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Leng Qingsong, Chairman of the Group received and accompanied them. Leng Dong first accompanied the leaders to visit the Green Power Exhibition Hall and introduced various types of photovoltaic module products produced by Green Power. Later, Mayor Jia and leaders at all levels visited the green power production line. In the production workshop, Mr. Leng and Mr. Xie introduced the production process and process level of the components in detail. After visiting the production workshop, the municipal leader praised our company's good working environment and advanced automation level. He encouraged enterprises to continue to focus on product and technology research and development, promote scientific and technological innovation, reserve more high-quality projects, occupy a larger market share, and continue to grow. GEP-Solar Manufacturing will also adhere to the principle of quality first, further improve the production level, and serve the market with higher product quality.